Unveiling Business Intelligence Through Public Sellers.json Files: A Strategic Guide

Sellers.json files act as a beacon of clarity in a sea of complexity. By analyzing these files, you can unearth a wealth of business intelligence. This article delves into how data from these public repositories can be leveraged to gain insights into market dynamics, identify significant changes among publishers and resellers, and understand the landscape … Read more

How does sellers.json prevent ad fraud?

The sellers.json framework is an initiative by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) aimed at increasing transparency in the programmatic advertising ecosystem to help prevent ad fraud. Here’s a detailed look into how sellers.json functions technically to achieve this: 1. Public Declaration of Seller Identities: Purpose: Sellers.json files are hosted publicly by ad exchanges, supply-side platforms … Read more

How does hosting a sellers.json file translate in to more revenue for me?

Hosting a sellers.json file can potentially translate into more revenue for publishers or sellers in the programmatic advertising ecosystem through increased transparency and trust. Sellers.json is a mechanism introduced by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) that allows the buyers of digital advertisements to verify the entities that are selling inventory (ad spaces on websites or … Read more

Understanding Sellers.json and Ads.txt: A Comprehensive Guide

The digital advertising landscape requires technologies and standards to enhance transparency and trust in the ecosystem. Among these, two critical initiatives stand out: Sellers.json and Ads.txt. Both are instrumental in combating ad fraud and fostering a clean, transparent supply chain, but they serve different purposes and operate in distinct ways. This blog post delves into … Read more